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Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year - New You!

Better late than never - Happy New Year!  I have had major writer's block - well blogger's block anyway for a while.  Everything seems mundane or silly or irrelevant to write about so I've written nothing.

Personally - there are a few things that a slightly unsettling at the moment.  Decisions to be made, yet waiting on some areas to become clearer before the decisions can be finalized, desperately wanting to make changes, yet again, waiting on clarity before making the changes.  AAAHHH!  Patience is not a gift or a virtue I possess.  However, I really don't think I want to ask God for patience as I really might not like the way He works to produce this virtue in me.  That last statement is really silly since I have complete faith in God's desire and will for my life, knowing He wants what is absolutely the best for me.  But I am afraid.  Why is that?  Those thoughts and feelings are in complete contradiction to one another.  Epiphany - that is exactly what we are told throughout God's Word.  The sinful desires of man wage war with the holy desires of God!  It is so true and I know everyone else already knows this, but I guess it takes me writing it out (and saying it out loud) for me to attempt a feeble understanding.

I heard a statistic on the radio a couple of days ago.  Billions of marketing dollars are spent each year to try to convince each of us how unsatisfied we are.  Whether it's the car we drive, the house we live in, the job we have, the church we attend, the clothes we wear - well you get the picture.  Marketing today is to convince us we will not be happy until we have ... whatever it is they are selling.  God's Word tells us to be satisfied but it can be very difficult to have that attitude today.  Maybe I just need to avoid TV, movies, radio, etc. to eliminate exposure to all these "needs".  God's desire is for each of us to first come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior, then to make His name known to the nations, and to become more like Christ as we live each day.  Many times I think all the "things" get in the way of satisfaction with God. 

Perhaps I am the only one that struggles with this particular issue.  Satisfaction with God and His provision for me - that's a resolution worth pursuing!


Incognito said...

Hey you, long time.

And no, you're not the only one going through something.
am in a similar state. you're doing all the right things though. waiting on clarity.

challenging times, but we will come through with God's help.

Strawberry said...

Hey girl! Good to hear from you! You are so right! We will come through with God's help!

Hope you are doing well!