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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bucket List Trips

In looking through an email about "discount trips", one was about safaris in Kenya.  After having the opportunity to go to Kenya on a mission trip in January, the desire to go for more than 7 days in country and get to see much more of the continent has gotten even stronger!  Browsing through the pictures of accomodations (tents but certainly not roughing it!), breakfast with elephants just beyond the table, water with species of birds that most only see in books, and of course, reading through the information that's written, increases the desire exponentially!

There are other destinations on this bucket list~
Australia - all of it - outback, coasts, Snowy River (yep - pretty much have the movie memorized :))
New Zealand
Great Britain (more than just Heathrow Airport)
Central America
South America - especially the Amazon River

That list is already too long to be seen in one lifetime - especially starting when one is "older than dirt".  That's just one part of the bucket list.  Think it needs to be written down so the items can be marked off as they are accomplished.  Most would not be about acquiring things, but about seeing and doing things, being with loved ones, creating memories with loved ones - that would be the best!


Dee said...

It's funny but I just started working on my bucket list to post after New Years day and traveling is certainly high priority. Just like yours, my list is also getting pretty long...LoL. Maybe I can split it up into two different postings. Hey, if you get a chance, visit my blog after the 1st of the year...

Strawberry said...

I will visit your blog. I have found it's very interesting and a lot of fun to meet people through here.