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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dream, Dream, Dream

For those who are "older than dirt" like me - do you remember this song?  All I wanna do is dream!  But that really isn't true.  No one really wants to just dream.  They want those dreams to come true.  They want that dream to be fulfilled.  As children, we often would sit and dream about what the world would be like when we were really old - like 40 (Ha!).  But often when we reach that magic age - often those dreams are still just that - a dream.  Life often takes those dreams and destroys them.

What started this post is a facebook post that is being sent around right now.   It's actually about the type of man a woman wants.  Young girls are taught about Cinderella and Prince Charming-her knight riding in on a white horse to save her-Snow White and the prince who awakens her with a kiss-well you get the idea.  This dream of what life will be like with her "Prince Charming".

Now - to adjust a little.  I think it should read that every woman wants a man who will do all these things.  I don't really think it should say every woman deserves.  Before anyone gets the wrong idea - I am certainly not saying that a woman deserves someone who is not this type of man.  I just think the wording is wrong.  What we deserve and what we desire are two very different concepts.  I desire someone who feels about me the way this post states, but what I deserve is not something good.  My thoughts, actions, etc. actually should condemn me to death - That would be the correct consequence for my actions. 

Thank goodness, God does not give me what I deserve.  He showed His love for me by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross in my place, taking every wrong action, word, thought, that I've ever had and placing ALL the blame squarely on Jesus' back.  Every stripe, every puncture from the thorny crown, every bruise from Roman hands, should have been mine.  But He took them instead.  In the place of what is deserved, God gives me mercy and grace.  Even more than that - He wants to give me the desires of my heart, help some of those dreams from days long ago come to light, or even give new dreams that are His dreams for me.  Everything beyond mercy and grace is extra.  If all He ever granted me is His mercy and His grace, that should be enough for me. 

The really great thing about dreams - while some of those from childhood may not be achieved, God can give new dreams in their place.  If you're in a place where it seems every dream you ever thought you might accomplish seems to have been dashed to the rocks, ask God for a new dream.  He is just waiting to give you one - and it might be even better than the earlier one!

For any of you guys out there - feel free to let me know what your thoughts about your dream girl would be ...


Beauty and the Green said...

This post really spoke to my heart. I am in the process of walking out a dream God put on my heart from years ago. I have had all kinds of set backs, hayers and nay sayers attack me but I just keep moving with God's help. Today especially was a bad day so this post came at a time when I needed an encouraging word. Thank you so much and God bless you.

I am your newest follower and I also nominated you for an award "One Lovely Blog Award". Please collect it and find the details about it on my blog

Beauty and the Green said...

Lol, hayers?....I meant haters....made a typing error.

Missy said...

Beauty and the Green - have been going back through some old blogs and realized I never responded to your comments! Thank you for the nomination but more importantly, for your kind words. Isn't God amazing when He brings just the right person, article, Bible verse right to us and meets the specific need of that moment? I pray that you have continued to walk out your dream and follow God's leading you to His highest purpose for you!