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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Training Camp

I have been reading a book called "Training Camp" by Jon Gordon.  This is the second of his books that I've read.  Our clerical staff at the district administration office is doing a discussion board on this book and it has been really interesting to see some of the responses to the questions. 

The book is about learning the principles of "what the best do better than everyone else".  The format is based on a football training camp and the different aspects of greatness.  I think we all have the ability and the desire to be "the best" at something!!!  Some of us just have a much harder time determining what that "something" is - including myself!  However, the book also points out that working to be the best is not about glory and honor for yourself.  It is actually about working to honor God and help others achieve their own "best". 

I find it somewhat ironic that people will read "self-help" books to find the magic pill or potion to achieve that inner desire and the book itself points them to the one true person who can help them achieve excellence!  Jon Gordon does not present the message about Jesus Christ in a traditional manner, but he is certainly able to get the message across.  The person of Jesus Christ was the best at everything, yet never owned a thing, didn't even have a home, no wealth (at least not of this world), and nothing to really be labeled as great by the world.  Yet - He is the one who can work through us to make us the best person we can be and truly be "the best" but it is for His glory and not our own!  Christ gave up His greatness, His royalty and His standing in Heaven to come to earth as a man because His Father loved each one of us so much that He was willing to sacrifice His own Son for our sins!

So our "Training Camp" is this earth.  We are to use these principles that Jon points out to become the best we can be, but for the Glory of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, not our own!  Our true best - that's on the other side of Heaven - when we come face to face with the awesome glory of God and see the scars in Jesus' hands, feet and side that He allowed for our sake - for my sake!!!

Check out the book.  Easy read - hard to live!

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