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Monday, July 12, 2010

New Endeavors

I posted about beginning my workout program again.  Actually, I have been doing it for about 8 weeks now.  Can't say that I can see a difference but it is easier to get through now than when I started.  I have a variety of reasons for needing to exercise - besides just taking care of this physical body (which is a command of God to guard this temple for His glory!).  Economics come into play as I don't want/have funds to purchase an entire new wardrobe simply because I have no self control.  Also as stated in the previous post, there is a physical reason and - yes I admit it - vanity does come into play as well.  There is also a spiritual aspect as the workout I do is a Christian circuit training that has several verses set to music for the exercise program.  At the very least, I am working on Bible verses as I work out!

Now - another point of new endeavors - my spouse and I purchased a program to learn a foreign language.  We are both wanting to learn Spanish.  I have almost completed lesson 1 - sounds good, except we've had the program for 2 months!  Not really accomplishing the learning as quickly as I had hoped.  But still - working at learning another language is always good.  It forces me to use my brain in different ways and to get outside my little box of thinking!  It is really an interesting concept of learning and I actually have received information at my office for a public school district from the same company to be used in a classroom setting to teach foreign languages.  Working through the lessons is interesting but certainly not necessarily easy.  In addition - I want to be fluent - not just sort of speak some phrases.  Don't know if this will get me there but it is a start!

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Cimarron said...

how's the workout program coming? I went running tonight for the first time since last September. Ugh!