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Monday, October 8, 2007


Before I forget again - since Kathy over at Kathy's Klavier honored me with this award - I am going to pass it on to some other deserving bloggers!

This award is being given to the following as I think they are "Totally Fabulous":

Panhandle Poet

Frasypoo at This and That

Angel at Woman Honor Thyself

Incognito at Republican in the Arts

cdo at Life In America

Now on to other things for the night. I am trying to get the finishing touches on the remodel of our kitchen with the least amount of financial damage. There is a little paint job left, window coverings, and a few decorating things needed to finish it off. I took off wallpaper border this morning. It is not rocket science - but can be therapeutic. As I worked to get all the glue and paper off the wall, I began thinking of how God tries to clean the gooey mess off me at times. It takes getting rid of the nasty stuff before something beautiful can be seen. Some are better at seeing that beauty before the nasty stuff is gone and some of us have to wait to see the job further down the line, after the stuff is gone! I am not one that sees the beauty under the ugly. I often wish I was. I am definitely a visual person so trying to see something without seeing something is really difficult for me (confusing you say? - try living it!!!). God sees us where we are, but He loves us too much to leave us there. He also sees us for who and what we can become and He is trying to direct us to that path. We are resisting the entire time - but why? As a Christian, I know God has my very best in His plan for me; He certainly shows me often enough, that He is in control; and He has proved Himself faithful. Why do I continue to resist? I should take a hint from an old "Star Trek: The Next Generation" line - "Resistance is futile!". However, for us as Christians, it is not - God allows us to have the choice to follow Him or not. His plan will be carried out, but if I don't do the job He has for me to do, someone else will be called to do it and will receive the blessing from it. That is my choice. I can resist or submit. There's that nasty word - submission. It is really easy to say but - Oh so hard to live it out!

Let's give it Him our best this week and submit to what He has planned! It might just surprise both of us! :)


Frasypoo said...

Hi Strawberry,
You know we want to see pictures when you are done !
Thankyou for the award!

Kathy said...

I'm not sure why it is so hard for us to submit to God's plan. If we can just learn to be submissive, we'll find the contentment we are always looking for. Thanks for this post, I enjoyed it!

WomanHonorThyself said...

congrads hun and thanks!...good luck with that kitchen and drop by when ya take a break~!hugs!

Incognito said...

Thanks so much, Strawb. So sweet to think of me.

Hope the remodeling gets done soon.

Love the way you see God in everything you do. It's a wonderful gift.

As for submission. Hard to ultimately hand over your life to God to handle, but oh so worth it!