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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dreams to Reality

Dreams to Reality - that is the name of a local contractor's business. I believe that is what he feels he does for his clients - takes their dreams and turns them into reality. However, his work is temporary - meaning it will have to be redone, remodeled, restored as things break, styles change, stuff deteriorates. His work is temporary and earth bound. We have dealt with that some as we've gone through the remodeling process on our kitchen. However, as nice as it is or as much as we may like it - it really is only temporary.

God can do the same thing - but His work is permanent and eternity bound. If I am willing to surrender my dreams/desires to His will and His use, I wonder what might happen. God can take those dreams and turn them into a reality that He can use to bring glory and honor to Him and His purpose. In fact - that is what He desires to do for each one of us. He wants to make us better - "Be The Best You can Be!" That's what God wants for us!

One of the blogs I regularly read is Big White Hat and he has started a series of post on "End Zone Dreams." That is really what started my thoughts on this subject. I am anticipating what his next post will be about.

The one thing that always comes back to me is that God sees the entire picture of His plan for this world. Each one of us has a very small part in that picture - but just like the puzzles we put together each Christmas - when one piece is missing the puzzle cannot be completed. God's ultimate purpose will be carried out but the picture is changed when one person refuses to follow God's purpose for their life.

I think there may be some things God is telling each of us we need to do. We just have to step out on faith and follow through.


Kathy said...

Great post! He truly does change things for permanent good.

Kathy said...

Hi Strawberry, I just now saw the comment you left me on my Wake Up Call post. I hope that your dad is doing better. I can surely understand your urgency to tell him about Jesus. Please keep me posted on his progress. I will pray for him.

Strawberry said...

Kathy - Thank you. He is doing better. Thank you for the prayers and your encouragement!