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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Listener Supported ...

I have a link to K-Love radio station on the sidebar of my blog. K-Love is a Christian radio station that is broadcast nationwide. For the past week and a half they have had a pledge drive, which they do every 6 months. They do not sell ads for commercial time so they have to raise operating funds some way. This makes the radio station listeners a true partner in their message. The DJ's (Jon and Sherry Rivers are my favorite) are all very open about the message of Jesus Christ and His saving grace. I truly appreciate that about the station, plus I get to hear a lot of my favorite singers and songs. (Kathy - they play Rush of Fools occasionally!!!). If you are looking for a great station to keep as one of the regulars on your radio dial - check them out. It is really a great station!

When I was in Houston last week, I could not find a radio station that was broadcasting K-Love. I was not really satisfied with just anything. I probably drove my sister nuts as we drove back and forth from my parents house to the hospital in downtown Houston every day. I would keep searching on the dial, stop and listen for a while, then search again.

I think that's how God wants us to feel about our relationship with Him. Nothing else should satisfy me. Nothing else should be put in His place in my heart. When I do that, I make an idol out of whatever I have put above Him. That is not what I want to do, ever - yet I know that I do it often.

God's desire is that I continue to seek Him out, read His Word, meditate on it and memorize it, spend time with Him, listen to Him. Only then can I grow and begin to become the person He has for me to become and do the task He has for me to do.

May we all grow in the grace of our Lord! Have a blessed week.


Kathy said...

I have listened to K-Love on the internet. We don't get it on the radio here that I know of. I really like the station a lot. And you are right. Nothing will satisfy that place in our lives meant for God. I was hoping today to write a post about the "God-shaped vaccuum" that is inside every person. I hope I can get my thoughts together.

Frasypoo said...

Hi Srawb,
I have not heard of them so we may not get it.
You and Kathy did great posts today and they were meant to be read by me.There is a huge void where I have been so busy to fill it with God and I needed to hear what you posted.
Thanks strawb

Strawberry said...

Kathy - I would like to listen online at work as I can't get the station to come in but streaming audio and video are blocked - they take up way too much band width from students and teachers.

Frasypoo - I have missed your blog. Hope you have had a rest and are renewed and refreshed. That post was probably aimed more at me than anyone else. Seems like God always knows just exactly where we need a nudge! Welcome back!!!