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Monday, August 6, 2007

A Pair of Sixes

Panhandle Poet posted about being tagged for 6 places you've been and would like to visit again and 6 places you've not visited but would like to see. As a true Texas woman - I have to rise to the challenge of promoting our beautiful state, as each of these will only be Texas spots!

Places I've been that I would like to visit again~

1. I would love to be in San Antonio on the Riverwalk - eating supper at an outdoor cafe with a glass of Llano Estacado Blush or a cup of coffee (coffee's always good whether it's hot or cold outside!)

2. Justin - home of some of our dear friends and a short hop to Dallas or Ft. Worth for some night life!

3. Kerrville area - beautiful Hill country, lots of wildlife (animals - not people)

4. Brenham - home of Blue Bell Ice Cream, plus lots of quaint antique shops

5. London - small quaint town with a dance hall the whole family can go into for the night! It was lots of fun the night my spouse took me there (before we were married)

6. Junction - taking Wyman Meinzer's photography class at the Texas Tech center - I took an Ornithology class at the center just before I got married 25 years ago! That's when I got to go to London for dancing!

Now for places I've never been to~

1. Johnson Space Center - Houston - I think it would be awesome to tour this place!

2. San Jacinto Monument - flown by but never been to it.

3. Nacogdoches - just because I've never been there!

4. Davis mountains - hot at this time of year, but would love to go and stay in the fall at their lodge!

5. Big Bend area - hot at this time of year, but would love to and stay in the fall.

6. Gruene - home of Gruene (pronounced green) Hall - world famous dance hall

There are actually not a lot of places I haven't been in the state but there are a few. I am not going to tag anyone on this but I would certainly enjoy hearing about some of your favorite spots!

Thanks for letting me brag just a little! "Texas - It's a whole other country!"


Frasypoo said...

The places sound great.
One place I want to go to is London !My cousin is getting married and moving there so I may get a chance to visit!

WomanHonorThyself said...

sounds like fun Strawberry!..u know i was recently in San Antonio...had so much fun!! :)

MotherPie said...

Yes, San Antonio! The #1 destination place for Texans. Kerrville has the county with the longest-lived citizens. I'm sure it is the fresh air and water. My girls loved the camps there. London is grand.

Skip San Jacinto. You can't breathe the air, it is so polluted there. That is why they play it down to tourists. Gruene is fabulous. The German bakeries in the area are wonderful.

I've never been to Big Bend, either, and would love to go.

Good meme.

Kathy said...

Wow, you make me want to visit Texas. I have been there a couple of times for my husband's family's reunions. We stayed in Brenham because his dad came from near there, a place called Industry. And right now as I type, my son's band is touring in Texas. I believe San Antonio is on their tour schedule.

John J. Kaiser said...

That would be a super short meme for me.

Strawberry said...

Frasypoo - that would be London, TX-not UK :). I would like to visit London, Great Britain as well.

Motherpie & Angel - San Antonio is a great place to visit as there are alot of things to see and do in the area!

Kathy - I know where Industry is and have been to Brenham several times. My parents live in that area of the state now so we visit when we can get away. Did you tour the Blue Bell creamery while you were there? Best ice cream in the world!!!

OK,John - you have my curiosity up. What would be on your list?

Strawberry said...
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