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Wednesday, August 8, 2007


When I started writing here, I wasn't sure who would even be interested in anything I might have to say (other than my spouse, possibly my children and some family members). They are reading it because they are my family. However, the awesome thing is the other blogs that I get to read simply because a relationship has started. I enjoy the different viewpoints of several blogging buddies who live in different parts of the U.S. Different areas of the country generate different priorities and different views. We have lived in different states other than Texas (for a short time) but never really in a different part of the country. We have always been in the central states. I would like to visit (and maybe live in) some other areas of the country to get a feel for what is important to them. Our area is very heavily agriculture oriented, although there are other industries that have come in to this part of the world. That is the one constant in all the areas where we've lived. Agriculture - livestock as that has been my spouse's interest and his occupation. You live where you have a job.

A friend stated that she had committed a major faux pas this past week at work. The company she works for has hired or transferred several employees into this area. One of the new employees transferred in from the southeastern part of the U.S. He was talking about finding a house, getting settled in, etc. when my friend asked if they had found a church yet. She was told that was a private matter and she shouldn't be asking the question. Another employee interjected that this was not being asked to be nosy or rude. This question is actually a "norm" in our area as we live in the "Buckle" of the "Bible Belt"! I told her to consider is a planting of the seed. You never know where that question might lead?

What are some of the questions or things considered normal in your area? I would be very interested in hearing some of them.


Incognito said...

Hmmm.. that's an interesting question that I'm not sure I have an answer for. For me it would be where's the nearest health food store.. :-)

Perhaps the newcomer does not attend a Church so felt it was an inappropriate question. But the newcomer could probably have been more gracious in her response.

Kathy said...

I live in Alabama, so this is the southeast and I think that question would be a pretty normal question for many people in this part of the country. That person must have been from Florida. It is in the southeast but the people there don't seem to be southerners. But sad to say, I think a question you hear around here more than anything else is..."are you for Auburn or Alabama?"

Frasypoo said...

We have had that happen !! When we invite people to church we get a slightly glazed look !! We know that they dont attend church !!But its is common around here too in Georgia and strangely people who have had that glazed look have not been fraom the south.
About Kathys reply,my husband made me an Auburn fan even before I stepped foot in this country.I had hats and tees sent to me and my step son forcibly made me remove Auburn stuff

allison said...

I'm originally from Albuquerque, and you'd think being in a border state to Texas, it would be culturally similar. But it's not. It was a bit of a shock to me to come to west Texas to college and everyone was interested in what I was doing. Now as a choice, we have moved back to the Giant Side of Texas. Yes, I have a church home!

Strawberry said...

Allison - Welcome back! Great news on finding a church home.

Incog - the question was certainly never meant to be offensive. In this area it's just part of the culture.

Frasypoo - here the question is are you for Texas Tech, Texas A & M, or Texas Longhorns (although there are a lot more universities in the state than just those - some in this area even root for OU - Univ. of Oklahoma!)

Kathy - I think the area was North Carolina - but I would have assumed all of that area would be similar in their lifestyles. Silly assumption since that is never the case anywhere, including here!