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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Final Answer!

The title is almost funny as I am still not sure of what the final answer should be. But - I know what it is and that part is a relief. I kept going back and forth (driving my spouse nuts with my indecision!) but eventually had to choose. Some paths are so clear that the choice is very easy but there are others that are less clear. This was one of those times and I really feel that God could work through either path chosen. That was the hard place to be - I want it to be certain and clear. I do not like cloudy nor do I like living in limbo, which I've done multiple times in my life. Those have been the times that God uses to teach me more about His faithfulness. He is not caught unaware or napping when something pops up in my life! Nor is He just sitting on His throne waiting for me to miss the mark so He can zap me! He is in control; He sees the big overall picture; He knows what is best for me and for everyone else. All of the pieces of my life fit together with those of people around me. My choices do not just affect me and my little world. Those choices affect those around me as well. It is absolutely awesome to comprehend (in some small way) how God fits all of this together for His greater purpose overall!

I just stand amazed when I think about His power, His presence, His might and yet His involvement in the very smallest minutae of my life.


Frasypoo said...

Well I know you are glad that you have decided !
It will be the right thing because you came to your decision thro asking for Gods will

Pat Jenkins said...

strawberry, indecisive times can always be a contentious moment with me and God. as i am asking him to make himself "known" to me, as i seem to be continually waiting for that revalation. i am glad he has shown himself to you, with resolution!!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

ah they say..:PLAN DECIDE AND ACT!...sounds as though u have girl!

Strawberry said...

Frasy - Your encouragement is always right where I need it most. Thank you for being sensitive to the nudge.

Pat - I certainly understand contentious times. When I have decisions like this - it seems I live in that state for a time period and it is not pleasant! Think I'd learn after all this time!

Angel - Yep - right or wrong we did! Actually it was the right choice. :)