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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Back to the "Real" World

Vacations are nice - usually relaxing, always fun to just do nothing or spend time having fun doing things you don't get to do otherwise. BUT - there is almost always a "but" in there somewhere - the catch to vacation is you have to come back! Work was NUTS today. I had at least checked email a couple of times while I was off - otherwise that would have added to the chaos today! I walked into my office - could not SEE the top of my desk for mail and boxes stacked on top. When I checked my phone - I had 75 missed calls! Now if I was really popular or a CEO I could understand that many missed calls, but I am an administrative assistant - a secretary! How do I answer that many calls? Fortunately - I only had 13 messages and some of those were no longer pertinent. Thank goodness. However - the phone rang off the hook, people were stopping by all day long and then my boss comes in at the end of the day, after being out of the office yesterday and today. It was a very long day!

I did manage to get most calls answered, most emails handled, and most of the employees stopping by to make changes to their insurance coverages so - overall - I guess today was productive! Unfortunately - I have to face tomorrow what I did not get handled or done today! It takes longer to catch up from a vacation than the time you actually got to take off for a vacation! Maybe I can get caught up before the weekend. Teachers come back next week, students the week after that, so all of this needs to be done before then.

In addition - I have a new hobby - trying to hit a little white ball down a really nice grassy area - golf. After playing last week, I expressed to my spouse how much I enjoyed the time we spent on the course with our son and my in-laws. For our anniversary (in addition to our trip this past weekend) - he got golf clubs for me. He and my son gave me some basic instructions and then told me to practice hitting each evening after work. I missed last night and I missed tonight AND I will miss tomorrow night. Maybe this weekend, I can do some heavy duty hitting. I think I will enjoy it if I can just get the hang of it. Tiger Woods (or female counterpart) I will never be - but I would like for us to be able to go out and play and not have to let every party play through just because I am so slow!

Tonight is really just meandering a little through my day. Nothing earth shattering or deeply philosophical - just meandering!


Frasypoo said...

So you have taken up golfing!Do you have some stripey,checked pants too!!Have to ask for my fashion blog !
Strawberry when you are as sweet as you are people missed you when you were off!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

woohoo good luck with the golf girl!!

Kate said...

If you truly value your marriage, do NOT let your husband give you lessons! LOL Go to a pro, pay a few bucks, or better yet, go to a golf school. :)

Strawberry said...

Frasypoo - No, I do not have striped or checked golf pants - nor will I ever have any. Thanks for the sweet comments. You are such a boost to my day! :)

Angel - I think good luck to those who are playing around me as they will be ducking for cover often! Thank you for your good wishes, though! :)

Kate - my husband does not play much and really would not try to give me lessons, but I have heard that before. A friend of ours from Sunday School said her husband gives lessons and is very good or we have a community college and a university in the area. Those might be options as well. Thank you for the warning! :)