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Sunday, July 15, 2007

We have had our daughter and granddaughter here this weekend. It was absolutely wonderful to get to have them for a couple of days. We got to hold, feed, rock and just love on the baby and were able to visit with our daughter and give her a much needed break and some help. What a treat!

In our church service this morning, the speaker was talking about dating relationships, but his final point was on the love of God. In looking at this precious new life, I find it so hard to understand the love of God for us. He sent His only Son into this world as a precious newborn baby, helpless and completely dependent on His earthly parents for everything. As Jesus grew, He began to understand more and more about His purpose for being here. If you saw the movie, "The Passion of the Christ", you got a very small glimpse into the sacrifice Christ made for us. As a mother of two, and now a grandmother, I cannot even think about offering one of these as a substitute for someone else's life; certainly not with the brutality and suffering that Jesus was forced to endure. Most certainly not for people as ungrateful and unloving as we are to Jesus! This love is completely unfathomable to our poor, tiny, human brains!

How great is His love for each of us!

By the way - getting to sit and hold and talk to that precious new girl was almost beyond description. Our daughter is a wonderful mother - working to learn this new role is not always easy (or fun!) but she is doing a great job. The baby is growing and thriving so both Mom and Dad are obviously doing something right! I pray God will guide them in their raising of this beautiful child and that He will allow us as grandparents to offer support and point the way to Him for our grandchildren! What a privilege!


WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya strawberry...awwww sounds like u had such a sweet visit...!!

Incognito said...

How lovely for you guys!! Hope you get to do it often, and I'm sure your daughter will appreciate it! I so admire parents!

Texas Red said...

I did appreciate the much needed sense of sanity was restored! :) Thanks for the encouragement.

Strawberry said...

Angel - we did enjoy it. Hard to believe how much you remember from the times when your own children were that size! Brings back a lot of precious memories! :)

Incognito - She does appreciate it and I also hope we get to do it often! :)

Texas Red - you are very welcome and know that your dad and I are always here for encouragement, support or just a listening ear!

MotherPie said...

Babies, babies babies... what a joy to be a grandmother!