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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Wedding Bells

My daughter and I went to the wedding of one of her high school friends this evening. It is always a special time as the ceremony serves as a reminder of my own wedding a lot of years ago! I watch the couple getting married and smile as I realize "THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT LIES AHEAD!" My spouse and I thought we had it all together and planned out. How God must have laughed at that! Nothing went as planned - at least not our plans. We were going to finish school - my undergraduate degree, his graduate degree. Then he was going to go into politics or work on his music, either of which he would have been very successful doing. I was going to get my Master's in Wildlife Biology and become the next Jane Gooddall! For some reason, life went a different direction. The Lord had very different ideas of where we were going. I sometimes think I would have like to have tried life that way, but then I look at my family and know that God's ways are much higher and far superior to man's ways. I would not trade one minute of where we have been the past 25 years! Not every day was good, but we stuck it out. When we both said "I do!" we meant forever!

I think every newlywed couple feels the same way. They look into each other's eyes and take those vows, not knowing what tomorrow may bring, but believing with everything they are, that THEY WILL MAKE IT! As long as they remember this day - they will!

Blessings to Sarah and Mike!

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