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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Bread - MMMM

I made bread tonight. I have forgotten how much I always enjoyed the process. Taking all the ingredients separately, mixing them, working the dough - the end result is something wonderful. Our relationships are very much like the bread. Each relationship is different, but essential for the end result - a life well lived! Each one adds a particular element to the dough, and none of them would give the result of a loaf of bread without the others. My spouse is very different in personality and abilities. That is what makes him so special. My parents are 2 very different people, but they have 4 children that all have some of their characteristics, but also individual ones. My 2 children are very different in some ways, but are very alike in others. My in-laws are also 2 different people but their children have some of their same characteristics as well. My friends, some of whom have been friends for a long time, add to the mix. The loaf of bread tastes so good because of the way all the ingredients come together, are mixed, allowed to rise and then baked. A life well lived is one with a multitude of special relationships. Each one adds something different to your life. Realize one thing - each one takes something from you in their life as well, so not only do they add to the richness of your life. You add to the richness of theirs!

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WomanHonorThyself said...

mmmmmmm...what a sweet post...I luv it!