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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Texas Fun

I have been reading Hillbilly Willy's blogs and the past couple are about unique name of Texas towns. I think there are probably towns named after anything and everything! Wink, Goodnight, Dimebox, Needmore, Happy, Earth - just to name a few. Okay - I admit it - I am absolutely nuts about Texas. I was born here and have lived here most of my life, with the few years we were in Oklahoma (as a child), Kansas and Nebraska (as an adult) -but my heart was always here! I cried as we left the state heading back north and honked the horn to celebrate every time we came back and crossed the state line back into Texas. I told my family if I died in Kansas or Nebraska, they better bring me back to Texas to bury me or I would come back and haunt them! In "Lonesome Dove", I completely understood why Gus asked Call to take him back to Texas to bury him. I have always said Texas is God's special corner of the Promised Land.

I love the jokes about "You know you're a redneck when ..." from Jeff Foxworthy or "Here's your sign!" from Bill Engvall. These guys are Southern - although not from Texas as far as I know. But they certainly have the spirit of Texas.

For those who have never been here - there are many difference facets to Texas. We have mountains, desert, ocean front, pine forests, prairies - Blackland and Short Grass, plains, and even our own "Grand Canyon" in Palo Duro Canyon. It always took us longer to get out of Texas than it did to get the rest of the way home when we lived in Kansas! Even now, I live closer to the capitals of New Mexico, Oklahome and possibly Colorado than I do to Austin!

The area may be huge but the people are absolutely the friendliest! Everyone is considered to be "Honey" or "Sugar". I cannot explain it other than to say "You have to experience it for yourself"

You know - I bet that is exactly how Jesus thinks about Heaven and us! We have some glimpse of what it will be like through the Bible but words simply cannot do it justice! In fact, we don't have words that can truly portray what Heaven will be like.

MercyMe recorded a song several years ago entitled "I Can Only Imagine". The lyrics of that song touch me everytime I hear it. We can "Only Imagine"!


CDO said...

I've been in Arkansas so long that I suppose someday I will be placed in Arkansas dirt. But hopefully some good Texas kin will place a little Texas dirt with me.

However, as you state later on, I am secure for my heavenly home and there I will rejoin much of the family.

I can only imagine!

10-4 Willy

Incognito said...

I love Texas.... drove through it from the east coast to the west coast several times.. and although long... there is something special about it.. and absolutely, the people are the friendliest!

Semper Fi Mom (aka MinuteMom) said...

I love it too! I should since I live here. ;) You know you're a true Texan when you know how to pronounce the names of Texas towns like Lamesa and Llano.

Strawberry said...

semper fi mom - thanks for visiting! More than that - thank you for your support for our country and its armed forces. I do not take for granted the sacrifices made by our men and women serving in the military, nor the sacrifices their families must make!

How about Mexia or Muleshoe? When I worked in Muleshoe - I would get numerous calls and they would always pronounce it Mul-es-hoe. It was very hard not to laugh!

Kate said...

Lived near Cut n Shoot for a bit. My granddaughter thought that was the funniest thing she ever heard. Ok, she was 4 at time. :)

I guess, no matter where you go, once a Texan, always a Texan. Many want to be, but only the chosen few are. LOL

I'm sure Heaven will be a lot like Texas...without the rattlesnakes. :) And scorpians.

Strawberry said...

Kate - and without mosquitos big enough to carry you off!