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Saturday, October 1, 2011

What is Normal?

In the middle of any transition - questions come up about decisions to be made, fear of the unknown/uncharted waters, uncertainty, etc.  However - for me - the biggest issue in any form of transition - I'm just ready for things to get back to normal!  But what is normal?  Whether it's a job change, relocation, having children, moving children to college, empty nest, or any of a myriad assortment of changes - "Normal" changes!  What was normal when pre-school children were home is different when those children start school.  Then the dynamics change again when they get involved in any type of activities, when they go to junior high school, and certainly when they get to high school.  Just about the time, you think you've reached "Normal", it changes again!

I have to admit that I really do not like the transition periods - I don't like feeling like we're living in Limbo - that period between making the decision for the change, and waiting for the final result!  I also really don't like to pray for patience as I'm often not sure of what form that will take to bring me said patience!  I've often said that I just want things to get back to normal!  But I also realize that in the midst of the transition, exciting times can lie ahead!  New people to meet, a new job to learn, rediscovering some passion or joy that had been put aside for a while - all of these are part of the new "Normal"! 

I think from now on - I'll just call life Abnormal!  That's probably a better description anyway.  One Christian comedian/author actually entitled her book - "Normal Is Just a Setting On Your Dryer!" (Patsy Clairmont is the author)  Appropriate - don't you think!  Now if things will just get put into place for this to go from limbo to abnormal - I'm ready! 

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