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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Long, Long Time!

As I was reading back through some of these meanderings, I realized that I have really missed writing.  Never really considered myself "artsy" or even creative, but this is something I enjoyed.  I also have not spent as much time on the computer in the past few months.  The feeling of living in limbo is affecting my thoughts right now.  We have our house for sale but the market is a little slow in our area.  We've bought and sold multiple houses in our life together - some sold quickly - others not so quickly! 

On another thought - might check out Panhandle Poetry - doing some creative writing and he's pretty good.  Not that I'm prejudiced or anything :)!

Maybe I can get something written a little more regularly again. 

1 comment:

KingDavidsGrace said...

I like to write. It helps me to better know and understand myself and in turn understand others.