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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Election Day - For Some

Well for those who voted in the states holding their primaries - Congratulations! (I think) You are able to say that you participated in the best form of government in the world. For those who did not - Sorry - it's too late. Polls have closed and results are now coming in. I am not going to make any predictions or even comment on the candidates tonight. If you were not registered to vote in the primary, you can still get registered to vote in the general election. Texas actually will have an election in May as most cities, school districts and some other government entities hold their elections on the May election date set by the state. Once registered for a local election, you will also be able to vote in the November election. Whatever your thoughts on the election process - it is a privilege and a responsibility to vote. Men and women through the history of our country have fought and died for that right for our citizens to be able to vote. They have also fought and dies for other people in countries to have that same right. What a waste of lives if we just decide we're too busy or our one vote won't make a difference and don't exercise our right to vote.

I have to confess that I am probably obnoxious when I find out some of my friends and colleagues did not vote and were/are not registered to vote. I hounded one friend until she registered - then she got called for jury duty! :) She told me she had never been called until she registered to vote.

I think I have only missed voting in one or two elections since I turned 18 and was able to vote. I guess it's one of those things put into my head by my parents and now I can't get away from it! Thanks, Mom and Dad! Actually, I'm very thankful for my parents and their attitudes toward our country. We were taught it is our right and privilege to vote and we should always exercise that right. If we don't we have absolutely no right to complain about government, how it's run, what they do or policies and laws they make!

My thoughts on our Primary Election day!

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