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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Birthdays, Children and Sanity

My younger sister's birthday was yesterday. My younger brothers' birthday is Feb. 12. First let me say "Happy Birthday!"

As I had small children, it amazed me that my mother was able to keep her sanity. She had 4 children under the age of 2. I had just turned 2, my younger sis had just turned 1, when my parents had my twin brothers! I remember as we were growing up that we never really thought anything about how close in age we all were. BUT - when I had children, I definitely thought about it. I love my children and I really would not trade my time with them for anything on this earth, but my children are 5 years apart! The thing that I remember the most is a couple of times when all 4 of us were sick at the same time! I don't how Mom managed to take care of all of us and still get done what needed to be done. There was a time when we were smaller that my dad was away for work a lot during the week. Mom would have to deal with all the things that might (and did) come up, whether it was children, house, car, bills, etc.! She dealt with the challenges and still made time for her children. She would sit in the floor and color with us or play games with us.

Mom was not perfect, nor did she have perfect children, but we were certainly loved and cared for.

Thanks, Mom! I love you!


Kathy said...

That absolutely blows my mind that the four of you were that close in age. I guess God knew I wouldn't be able to handle that, so he gave me my kids 5 years apart also.

MotherPie said...

There is always something to be said that mothers are appreciated as we age ourselves.. as mothers.