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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chaos to Order

We are almost finished with the kitchen!!! It's hard to believe how much chaos can affect daily living when your kitchen or any part of your house is in a state of disarray. A fine film of dust has covered everything for the past couple of weeks. I am now ready to get everything done, cleaned, and back in place. We got everything painted this past weekend (with a few minor touchups still needed), cabinet hardware replaced, plug and light plates ordered, new lights ordered and that pretty well covers it. Once we have everything installed, I will post some before and after pictures. We have been really pleased with the final results and our contractor was easy to work with on the remodel. Since we've never done this before, I don't have anything to compare with, but I was pleased. If something wasn't done to his specs or if he thought it did not look good - he made the workers return and redo the job. I appreciated him handling the job in that manner.

Duke (the new puppy) had his cast removed last night. The 2 parents in the house had to remove it for him (that would be spouse and me!!!). I held him while my spouse cut away the tape, removed the splint, and the inner stocking from his leg. He appears to be handling everything - a limp but he is putting weight on the leg and seems to do okay with it. I hope there isn't any permanent damage. Now it's back to training for him. He needs to learn who is boss, when to follow, and the living room is not his own personal bathroom! I'm not sure who has more of a learning curve - him or me! More as we go through this phase.

I don't have anything really inspirational or deep today - just some thoughts on life in our neck of the woods right now!


Sandi said...

Kitchen remodel can be fun. It is the room you may enjoy the most. So it is good to hear you are pleased with it.
I hope your puppy is ok. We had a cast on our puppy too. She got her foot closed in a door and broke it.

Kathy said...

I'm glad you are in the finishing phases of your remodeling. I'm sure it will be so worth the trouble you went through to get it. Looking forward to seeing those pictures when everything is put back together!

Frasypoo said...

Glad everything is almost done !!!
Puppy training is the worst...I am so glad mine is grown up.Good luck with that

Strawberry said...

Sandi-it can be fun or it can be frustrating - sometimes both at the same time! :) See previous post about our puppy's cast - spouse stepped on him the 2nd night we had him and broke his leg in 2 places!

Kathy - I wanted to wait until we had the fixtures and everything in place. I am excited about the change and truly wish we had done some of this a lot sooner.

Frasy - training is the worst. Based on the "Dog Whisperer" - it's the humans that need the training - then the dogs will follow! I must be in really bad shape!!! :)