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Saturday, August 18, 2007


David Crowder Band has a new song out called "Glorious". Part of the lyrics say "You make everything glorious!" I quite often do not take that attitude with the mundane things of life. I tend to think it has to be the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, or the beauty of the clear night sky, or some life completely transformed - But wait - that would be everyone who has had a personal encounter with Christ and accepted His free gift of salvation!!!

However, in listening to the song, God helped me to see that folding clothes for our family, washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom - all those mundane and often, thankless jobs can be glorious when I do them for Him. My job at home and at work can only be considered glorious in His view - when I submit it all to Him! Really - it's not the chore or job that becomes glorious - it's me when I submit to His will and His way for my life. That is where the glory comes from for the job done. I want everything I do to be under His will. I do not want the glory to come to me. It can't anyway because the world looks at these things very differently. How can they know any better, until they see His glory, His mercy, His Grace showing through our lives. I want all the glory to be His. It is His already but I want everyone to know whose I am and why I serve!

"You make everything Glorious!" Thank you, Lord, for taking our meager offerings and making them glorious!


Frasypoo said...

Thats something I never thought of !!! Sometimes I think its a thankless job !!!
Thanks again Strawberry !Great thoughts
I love David Crowder band,have you heard Third day ?I love them too.

Antique Sailor said...

Just want to pass along some thoughts sort of along the same lines. When I sailed across the Pacific Ocean I was by myself and so many people ask, "how could you be be alone for such a long time?" The longest was 40 days. I loved it. There is so much to see and so much to think about when you don't have all the distractions of living in such a mad society. At night the stars, the phosphoresence of all the small life in the ocean leaving their trail behind the rudder. Come visit my site and you;ll see what I mean.

Strawberry said...

Frasypoo - It is so easy to get caught up in the job and forget our purpose. I love Third Day - have listened to them for a long time.

Antique Sailor - Awesome! I will check out your site. Thank you for stopping by. Blessings! :)

CDO said...

Blessed is the word for us. It is hard to feel that way some days when it feels like our prayers are hitting the ceiling and bouncing back and things seem in such a rut, but we are blessed.

An old preacher used to tell us to all pretend that we are putting all of our problems and issues in a sack and throw them in the middle of the room. Come back in a week and pick out a sack that you think is better than yours to take home.

Most of the time we would pick up our on sack and be glad of it.

The next time I mow the yard -- Tomorrow in the heat -- I will think of doing it all for Him and try to understand the glory of it all.

Excellent post.

Strawberry said...

cdo - Thank you! Mowing in the heat and humidity is a task that is really hard to think of as glorious!