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Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's Friday, but Sunday is Coming!

The title is actually the title of a new song out (I'm not sure of the artist, but they play it on K-Love). The song talks about the challenges we face each day and the heartache from some of those challenges. The encouragement from the song is that today is Friday, but Sunday is coming! Sunday - that day of rest, recharging, refreshing - all those things so needed when the challenges come! A day of worship when we focus on the Lord, nothing else (hopefully!) and listen to what He wants to say to us.

Our pastor talked this morning about the noise in our lives being so loud that God cannot even get our attention. He is yelling for us, but we can't hear for all the confusion. If we can get to a place where it is still and quiet, then be still and quiet, we will hear Him. I have a hard time with stillness and quietness - I tend to fall asleep. I know He will speak to me, when I can finally put everything else aside and listen to Him. That is His desire for me (and for each of us as a follower of Christ) is to spend time with our Lord.

There is a retreat that is done in this area (I don't know about other areas) called "A Walk to Emmaeus". It is a time for an individual to get away for a weekend, spend time in prayer, meditation, study, and reflection on the Lord. I have not been on one. You have to be sponsored by someone who has been on the walk. What a precious time that must be - to leave everything else behind and do nothing but spend concentrated time with the Lord.

Today is actually Sunday, but just remember during the week - It's Friday (or whatever day it happens to be) but Sunday is coming!!!


WomanHonorThyself said...

I like that Strawberry!...perfect..but tomorrows Monday..ugh!..LOL :)

Incognito said...

It is interesting how we get so caught up in the material world (as opposed to spiritual) and lose that connection. What I try to do is look at everything from a spiritual pov, that keeps me connected for longer. As crazy at it might seem, I look at everything that happens in my life as a gift from God, from the parking space to whatever and so I have a running dialogue with Him.
The wonderful thing is we can commune at any point in time during the day. Doesn't have to be at a Church.
Just my 2 silly cents.

Strawberry said...

Angel - True but Incog's comment about keeping it in perspective helps. :)

Incognito - I think you have the relationship that God yearns to have with each of us. Thank you for being an inspiration! :)

MotherPie said...

Does your church have a blog? You could add a nice link to additional conversation related to your pastor, his sermons and church from their website. Go cruise around the Santa Fe New Mexican paper's website to see how they do related links. It might offer an additional place to converse for church members...

Just an idea.

Frasypoo said...

I love feels like I am re charging my battery' s for the week.I hate getting up early on a sunday morning and have to really fight the urge to go back to bed !But I always remind myself about how I feel when we are headed home from church and Sunday school.I think you and I are blessed by the churches we go to.

Strawberry said...

Motherpie - our church has website but not a blog. I will have to check out the possibility of a link.

Frasypoo - I actually have less of a hard time getting up for church than I do for work. Church attendance is something I "get to do" not something I "have to do", which is what I continually repeat to my teenage son. We are blessed by the churches we attend, but even more so by our Lord's goodness in bringing us to those churches! :)