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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Good Ole Summertime!

I was trying to post last night but kept having problems with our computer. ARGHH! I love technology - I hate technology! Some days it just drives you nuts! :(

On a lighter note~

Summer is here, bringing hot days and stormy nights. Don't you just love summer? It always bring such special memories. As children, we would get to spend a lot of time at grandparents, at the lake, and just being a little lazy! Nights were spent with friends, hanging out late talking, playing games with family - what fun! We would spend multiple weekends at a lake house my grandparents had, water skiing, swimming, and just having fun. A lot of times, Dad would build a fire, cook hamburgers or steaks, if we were lucky, baked potatoes in the coals, and have fresh watermelon and S'mores for dessert. My parents had friends that lived in a town close to the lake and they would bring their boys out and have supper with us. I love those memories - especially when my Dad broke the table playing "Spoons"!!! There was no TV and no phone at the lakehouse. Just family and friends occasionally! What a blast! We had such good times and I appreciate my parents for making the effort for us (and their sanity!). I hope my children have special memories that they can recall. We used to play games at night but haven't done that in a while. Maybe we need to get back to that.

Feel free to share your memories with me, but more importantly, share them with those you love!


Frasypoo said...

I actually like summers when I was growing up.Balmy days spent playing with friends and then as we got older staring at boys!!And it was never as hot as it is now a days.I think its an Indian thing but we love winter,the hats and boots and coats...thick soup,hot chili.Even the joy of wearing jeans !!!
I hate summer !!But I have good memories of when I first came here my husband and I used to have breakfast on the boat and we would fish and our dog would jump in!! After the dog died we havent been back(we live 2 steps away from the lake)

WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya strawberry...summer..ahhhhhhhh!..I love lyin in the sun, bbq's!...relaxinnnnnnnn yes yes yes!!

Incognito said...

I remember, when we lived in Ireland (for 6 years as a child) we would take a drive out to country for a picnic. Very fond memories of those days. Though, more likely than not, we'd have to cancel because of the rain. :-)

MotherPie said...

No tv! Yes! For children there is rarely a time that they can be disconnected.

One of my daughters is experiencing that joy at the moment. No access to telephones, cell phones or computer.

Few of her friends can even relate.

Summers to me were full of the sounds of outdoors. We didn't use airconditioning that much.

Semper Fi Mom said...

We love to play spoons too and I haven't thought of it in a while. We'll have to play again soon. One of my favorite things about summer is homemade ice cream. We are having friends and family over for the 4th and it will be one of the highlights of the day's menu! :)

My other favorite summertime activities are reading (with a big glass of tea in hand)on the porch swing and swimming with the kids.