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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Remodeling Confusion

We have started the process of remodeling our kitchen. It actually started because one of the burners on the cooktop went out. We were going to have to replace the cooktop anyway so we began looking at making some other changes that we have wanted to do for a while. The house is just over 10 years old but some of the appliances were not the best so replacing the current ones is going to be a never ending process as they continue to go out. We felt it was better to "bite the bullet" and try to take care of the major issues now, rather than fight with small ones for several years. However - if you have ever done this - you know there are a million decisions to be made just to get started. What is a reasonable budget? Laminate, Solid, Granite, Stone counter tops? Ceramic or element cooktop? Convection, self-cleaning (ABSOLUTELY!), double or single ovens? Colors for all? Paint or wallpaper? Light fixtures? Curtains, rugs, dishes, linens, etc!!! We started looking a couple of months ago - my spouse told me that day he was "shopped out!" We were only in a couple of stores for a couple of hours but that was his limit. I went this morning to look at appliances, but again, as I started thinking about the different parts that need decisions, it is almost overwhelming. I feel like I'm trying to eat an elephant - Whole!

I'm sure you'll hear more of this saga as we go through this. I can't begin to imagine what it would be like to build a house with all of the different choices. Just this one room has an enormous number of decisions to make! Hopefully that marriage retreat we attended a couple of weeks ago will help us make it through this process and maintain our marriage AND our sanity!!!

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Texas Red said...

I think it would be a blast to get to make all of those decisions. That's why flipping houses would be something we would enjoy so much, because we both love to do that kind of home-improvement stuff.