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Friday, May 11, 2007

My very first post

A blank page is such an intimidating force when you are supposed to create words that convey emotions, tell stories or just inform. But here I go! Writing is certainly not one of my strong points. My husband is a much better writer - in fact - is much more creative all around! He has been blogging for a while and has been encouraging me to try it.

We live in the Panhandle of Texas and love being here. I was raised in this part of the world, although not in any one town as we moved frequently when I was growing up. After I married, we moved away from here for a year. I did not realize how much I had missed this area until we were coming home for Thanksgiving that first year. As we came up onto the High Plains, I exlcaimed to my husband, "Look!" He was confused , trying to see something that was out of the ordinary. I finally was able to explain that I could see - FOREVER! The flat land that make up this part of the world gives the best view of a sunrise or sunset. And for those of us who are "flatlanders at heart" - nothing ever looks as beautiful as being able to see for miles!

God has given us such a beautiful part of the world to live in and I am very grateful to Him for that gift. However, each one of us has a special place and it means just as much to each one of you as Texas does to me!


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I liked it. Good job. Now go write more!