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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Missed One

I missed my post last night. It's amazing that something that seems meaningless like typing words can be so cathartic. Work has been hectic for the last month. I have several different areas that fall under my office and some days it seems all of them have urgent matters that need to be dealt with. Understand - I am NOT the boss - I am his secretary (Administrative Assistant if you want to be PC). However, I handle a lot of different things. Our business is public education - in other words, I work for a public school district in the administation offices. I am not a teacher, nor do I really want to be in the classroom. I love seeing the elementary children - they are sooo cute! Junior High students touch my heart because they quite often want to be tough, but are really uncertain of their place. High school students have such a wide maturity level within the four grades. Freshman are working to fit in; sophomores are working to become more independent; juniors are thinking about becoming seniors; and seniors - well they are beginning to realize they are quickly becoming adults. All of that to say that I like the kids - I just do not feel called to be a classroom teacher.

However - what I do has an impact on those students because of the support I give to their teachers and administrators. That is something I have learned in the last few months. I may never receive any recognition from the world but I know God has put me here to be a support for them. I am okay with that! I love talking to an employee about the benefits (health, life - insurance, etc.) or worker's comp and having them say "Now I understand!" If I can help them understand something out of their realm of knowledge, I have done my work. That's my calling right now. They have their job to do teaching our students, preparing them for the work force, college, etc. My job is to provide them information and assistance so they can do their job. It takes all of us to make it work.

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Panhandle Poet said...

Good healthy perspective.