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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Yep - another one on idols.  This was actually a little hard to take as security is comfortable!  Does security seem like an idol to you?  That was never one that was actually mentioned in the "Thou shalt nots" but it certainly can fit as an idol.

The sermon started with the story from Exodus 3 and God's call to Moses.  Moses was 80 years old by this time in the story.  He had run to the very back side of the wilderness from Egypt and his plans were to live in this "island of security" until he died.  God had another plan.  He called Moses to go back to Egypt, speak to Pharoah about releasing the Jews and leading the Jewish people out of Egypt.

Moses had good reasons (excuses) for not going.

"Who am I ..."  That was his first question.  Why would people listen to him if he went back?

God had an answer - Moses was born a Jew, but was raised in Pharoah's house by his daughter.  He learned the ways of the Egyptians - their laws, culture, lifestyle, etc.  Then when he ran (after murdering an Egyptian), he lived in the wilderness for 40 years - survival training!

"When I come ..." - Moses next reason was not when You come or even when we come - but When I come.

Is there ever a time that we are independent of God?  We may believe we are, but He knows better.  We are always, ALWAYS dependent on God - His strength, His care, His mercy!

"Whom shall I say sent me?"  - by whose authority?

Interesting that Moses is speaking to God and asking by whose authority should I say?  Really?  By whose authority - when he was talking with the creator of the universe!!!  If God hadn't been serious, do you think He might have laughed at the question?

"What shall I say ..."  How will I know the words to use?

Moses had lived in Pharoah's house and been in his courts everyday of his life until the age of 40!  He would have known the correct way to approach Pharoah and the correct words to say.

Don't you find it interesting that for every excuse - God already had the answer.  In fact, Moses had lived out the answers without any knowledge of why.  Isn't that the way our lives could be used, if we would simply surrender control?  He would use all the different aspects, choices (good and bad), jobs, environment, everything in our lives to work in the lives of others with the skills and understanding He has allowed each one to acquire through life.  Imagine what the Moses would have missed had he turned down God's calling - seeing God's miraculous work in Egypt with all of the plagues, walking through the Red Sea on DRY GROUND, water from a rock, manna from Heaven, led by a pillar of fire at night and a cloud of smoke during the day!!!  God was preparing Moses from his birth and He does the same for each of us.  We just have to be willing to leave that idol called Security behind and faithfully follow God's direction.  He will never leave and His Presence and His Power go with each of us on this journey!


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KingDavidsGrace said...

I think a lot of people hold the status quo as their 'supiority idol'. Everybody says it's right so it must be. I've enjoyed reading your posts. You bring up a lot of topics that challenge me to think.