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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Review of "The Noticer"

"The Noticer" is the newest book from author Andy Andrews. It is the story of main character, Andy, and a man called Jones. I was really excited to see this new book as I loved “The Traveler’s Gift” by Mr. Andrews. The book reads as if Mr. Andrews is telling his own story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading from that perspective.

The story revolves around the lifelong relationship with Andy and Jones, but also weaves other stories alongside. Jones portrays himself to young Andy as a “Noticer”. By way of explanation – Jones explains that he notices things others overlook and his gift is to “give perspective – a broader view.”

All of the characters we meet have some issue or challenge they are dealing with and seem to have given up all hope. These are things that every one of us face as people living in this world. Jones seems to appear out of nowhere to offer this “broader view” and to help the individual see their life in a very different light! The stories are all easy to follow and Mr. Andrews has done a wonderful job of intertwining them into the main storyline. There is nothing eerie or ghostlike in the character of Jones. Actually – it would be more aptly described as almost angelic, but that’s not really true either. Jones has a very rare gift and his use of it enriches the lives of all he meets. I enjoyed the story but more than anything was challenged to be a “Noticer” of people and try to see them through a broader view, seeing beneath the surface. Jones is the best friend that everyone wants to have in his or her life. The challenge is for each of us to strive to be that person and to notice those things that we all try to hide but are still just under the surface.


Cimarron said...

Sounds like a good book. Glad to see you back on here. :)

Strawberry said...

I signed up to be a book reviewer and get to have the books sent either by mail or ebooks for free. I have to review them, post the review to a blog and to a commercial book site, then to Thomas Nelson. How cool - books for FREE! Can be a positive or negative review - doesn't matter.

WomanHonorThyself said...

happy holidays hun!!