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Monday, September 3, 2007

Let The Work Begin ...!

Tomorrow (hopefully!) the remodeling of our kitchen begins. I hope we are all ready for this. I have heard horror stories and am beginning to feel anxious that everything will go smoothly. The contractor we chose said the workers will begin tearing everything out tomorrow. As we go through this process, I am going to try to chronicle just a little bit. My spouse and I have watched a show on TLC called "Flip This House". It is rather interesting in that I thought the individuals did all the work. The shows we saw had it hired out to professional contractors. I guess if you can afford it, that is the best way. They are professionals for a reason. I would want to have a solid relationship with the person I chose to do this. After all - that's my hard earned money going into the work and a profit is hopefully the outcome. If you have to pay someone to do and redo work, or the price is too steep, you lose the potential for profit.

Anyway - we'll see how it goes. I went to pick out light fixtures today - but - silly me - they were all closed. I guess I will have to take an afternoon and go over unless I can get them ordered online. We didn't find what we were looking for at Home Depot or Lowes.

And to top off the day - my spouse brought in a new quadraped (puppy). He is a tri colored Australian Shepherd and is really cute. Just in time for the remodeling work. Spouse is going to take him to work with him for this week. I think all the hammering and banging would scare him to death!


Frasypoo said...

Husbands are on their own schedules are' nt they !!!I would love to see pics of the puppy too!
Its almost like having a baby!But it will be something that the grandbaby will love .
Hope everything goes okay in the remodelling process.

Texas Red said...

A puppy?!?! I'm so jealous. I miss ours. Hope the tearing out goes well. I want to see the puppy soon!

Kathy said...

How exciting to be getting a new kitchen, though I am sure it will be a strain to have everything torn up for a while. Don't forget to take some before pictures!

Antique Sailor said...

Hi again. Thanks for the visit. Hope you'll come back often. In the meantime I'll watch the kitchen progress. I cooked for so many years in my little tiny galley on The Mighty Merry too that any kitchen seems big to me.
Mary, the Antique Sailor

Strawberry said...

Frasy - will get pics of puppy posted soon.

Red - hope to see you soon! I know you miss yours!

Kathy - I have pics of kitchen so will post before and after once it's complete.

Mary - I am sure any size kitchen is big compared to what you've used in the past.