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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Windy City

No - this is not about Chicago! This is about the panhandle of Texas and in our area, I think the wind blows 364 days a year! It may blow from the North, South, East or West. Where we sit on a hill, it doesn't really make any difference! It is always windy out here. We have been trying to get a yard ready to seed for about a month or so. It has been killed with Roundup, tilled, junk raked out, leveled and were ready to try to seed it, when first the rains came! Now being from West Texas - you NEVER complain about water from the sky! When the water stopped, the wind started and it has not stopped! We do not want to kill everything in our yard (or the neighbors either) so have been unable to spray Roundup again. I think the next possibility will be to till it again, level it and just seed it, and hope for the best! We did not really have good grass before but something is certainly coming up out there! But the winds - they keep coming!!

In addition to the yard, we have been trying to decide what to plant for some color in our yard. I found Crape Myrtle bushes on sale, so we have planted those. I am hoping they will spread and cover the entire fence area with their foliage and blooms for many years to come!

I really shouldn't complain about our breezes. If we didn't have any kind of wind, it sure could get hot!


Panhandle Poet said...

Wind? That's not wind. It's just a gentle breeze...

MotherPie said...

Oh, I love crepe myrtles! I've always had them except for Santa Fe and NYC... Yes, the wind.

I found in Oklahoma that you could ALWAYS talk about the weather in conversation as the wind and weather were a combination personality always worthy of comment and it could change in a second's notice.

When we lived in Houston, weather was a no-no subject because there was never wind and it was so sweltering that the only comment was about the heat and it wasn't a pleasant subject so...

Hollyhocks didn't grow in Atlanta or in Houston. I'm ready to plant and garden only having to learn xeriscape.

So glad you fixed your comments!!! ;) Glad to come visit and leave a trace!

WomanHonorThyself said...

wow well I love hats...I'd be in big trouble hun..whoosh! Ha