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Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Weekend

I sometimes think it is really sad that so many people just trudge through their week waiting for the weekend! There are so many missed possibilities that come our way because we're looking for something else. I was in a meeting yesterday afternoon at work and one of the people there said "It's almost the weekend!" Explanations were given about plans for the weekend but nothing about what had happened during the week. I think the media has so geared us towards selfishness (and BAD NEWS - rarely giving the good news that happens every day) that everything has to be about what makes us happy or satisfied or whatever! Conversations are rarely about the beauty of the world around us or the accomplishments of others (unless the conversations about others are spiteful). I want to be grateful for every day, as each is a precious gift that only can be enjoyed in the moment. You cannot go back and live that day again, nor can you change the wrong that was done.

It is amazing to me how God works in our lives. I just received a phone call about a friend's son who was involved in an accident in New York. He is in his second year at West Point. His parents are friends of ours and are a wonderful Christian couple. Their faith in God will be proven during this time, but for those who are believers, please pray for their son and for the family. The parents live in the Panhandle of Texas and are a long way from their son right now.

We do not have the promise of tomorrow, or even our next breath. Live today as if it is the only day you have!


Texas Red said...

I hope he's okay. You can tell B & D that we are praying for them.

Strawberry said...

He should be out of the hospital by next week with a full recovery within 4-6 weeks. His injuries were not as serious as we first thought - a broken shoulder blade and both lungs punctured, though anytime a body and a van collide, the van will always win!